Diet of Worms               A WELCOME for you to                 John Knox Preaching
    Think About Today’s Churches
with a Fresh Look
at the Historic Reformation

“. . . the Reformation began because the reformers were too catholic
in the midst of a church that had forgotten its catholicity.”
Jaroslav Pelikan, The Riddle of Roman Catholicism

Central Ohio Reformation Institute*

Fall 2008

Spring 2009

Martin Luther           A time of study for men who serve as             Huldrich Zwingli

       pastors and elders
or in other church leadership positions

   The Catholicity of the Reformers

John Calvin            

Offered by
Jonathan Edwards               ADVOCATE Enterprise              George Whitefield preaching
DCB Communications
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*Biblically speaking, the Protestant movement was actually an acknowledgment of the Reformation (Heb. 9:10) rather than the Reformation itself (See article "Was the Protestant Movement. . . ?"). The word "institute," as used here, refers to "a usually brief intensive course of instruction on selected topics relating to a particular field" (Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition).